Dragon: Shey

You know.
You always do.
Your knowing is your power.

Not the mind.
Your intuitive knowing.
No more holding back.

Don’t apologize for the oracle that you are.

Your journey is opening up for more: “Can i let it be this good?:
Not let the mind trick you. This is your journey.

The journey of the empress.
No more excuses for who you are.
Holding back helps no one.

Shey will clear your aura with so much ease. Just holding her will bring you an instant reset of your nervous system.

Shey will help you restore your feminine lineage. Their pain was never yours to carry. Let her show you the way and stand with grace for your truth an decisions.

You always know life was meant to be easy. Hustle, burnout was never part of your truth. Share your truth no matter what the collective will say. The right ones will find you.

You always intuitively know wich step to take next.
You know and now more than ever it’s time to surrender to your own truth.

No more compromise, undervaluing and doubts.
You know. She repeats these words constantly: “You know”.

Tune in
And surrender to your higher self.

You are your compass.
Shey will always help you remember.

Wil je meer weten of persoonlijk met mij afstemmen of voel je dat Shey voor jou is, stuur mij dan een bericht en ik neem contact met je op.

Shey: Lepidolite Dragon met labradorite ogen: €477,- incl. btw.
Afmeting: 12 cm x 7,5 cm x 8 cm.
Gewicht: 750 gram.

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