Skull: Grace

Stepping fully into the world, expecting the best and nothing but the best.

Stop hiding. Show the world the real you.

Feel safe in your sensuality. Embrace magic, expect diamonds.

You are meant to be the white swan in your life. Proud, like a queen, not apologizing or trying to fit in.

Swans are part of this life and also never fully in it. At last not part of a large group. They are focused and know their value. They don’t question.

Expect Grace to invite you into the same world. Inviting you into bigger and deeper waters. Experiencing this is where you were always meant to be.

“Don’t you worry child, heaven has got a plan for you”.

Moving from enough to overflow. From having “havig to heal” to expecting the best and receiving with more ease.

Grace she moved through the water with effortless Grace.

Expecting Grace in all you do. Expecting the Divine to always have your back. Expecting to be safe and with that leaving more space for joy, luxury and pleasure.

Opening up to the abundance of life.
Her overflow.
Her pleasure.
Her extacy.

Just expecting beauty like Grace, a true beauty. She is you and you are her. Expect the best. It’s a transformation.

Knowing healing is necessary. Expecting beauty and pleasure in it. Expecting it not to cost you so much. Expecting more ease in your body. 

Grace is a shift. A knowing. A gift to yourself.

Knowing there is more in life. Knowing it can be easier. Knowing you are worth it. No more questioning. Knowing. 

Owning your seat at the table. Your crown. Your worth.

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Grace: Ruby Zoisite Skull: €999,- incl. btw.
Afmeting:  13 cm x 9 cm x 10 cm.
Gewicht: 1,6 kilo.

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Liefs Kelly