Dragon: Gaia

It’s never too late.
You were never broken.
It’s time to welcome yourself home.”

Healing the world by saying yes to yourself.
This beauty comes with an abundance upgrade!

People often mistake rose quartz with just “love and light”. As loving as this beauty is, her power and clear guidance are not to be underestimated.

When you create and take the time to sit with her and really listen, she will guide you to your gold. She is so loving and just wants you to succeed.

She will bring out the best in you. Invite you to travel timelines and worlds to collect lost, ancient wisdom. Wisdom that was already yours and is now ready to be shared with your world.

She will help you heal your world first. You go first and others will automatically follow. Not through push or pull. You just have to be. Show them by sharing your world.

The beauty that is your life.
The wisdom of your love.
The pure grace in your energy.

A new level of abundance will be opened. Traveling other worlds with her will be pure joy. And again when you take the time to listen and integrate her wisdom into your life, it will be one of the most beautiful and intimate transmissions you ever experienced.

Gaia is pure gold, just like you. Open your heart and you will know when she is ready to fly out into your home.

Wil je meer weten of persoonlijk met mij afstemmen of voel je dat Gaia voor jou is, stuur mij dan een bericht en ik neem contact met je op.

Gaia: Rose Quartz Dragon met labradorite ogen: €477,- incl. btw.
Afmeting: 14,7 cm x 7,4 cm x 8 cm.
Gewicht: 826 gram.

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Voel je welkom!

Liefs Kelly