Feminine Star Being: Celeste

Celeste means heavenly.
She who is of the heavens.
She who feels like heaven to so many.
She who is ready to embody her own heaven on earth.

This beauty directly expressed her transmission. She is clear and loving. You will be able to easily connect with her, even when she is not in the same room as you. She will make sure you hear what she has to say and she will transmit this natural radiance to you.

My energy will support you in an immense self-love upgrade. It’s time for the world to start following you. Time to let down your walls and see all the beauty and potential life has to offer.

Time to create your own heaven on earth.
Time to fully embrace the new and to really let go of what no longer serves you.

Old energy.
Old stories.
Old versions of who you once were.

You already know life has so much more in store for you. It’s like you are on your way to the beach and how you feel the moment you see the ocean and all her beauty.

There is so much more to see.
So much more to discover.
So much more to experience.

Your life has only just begun. It’s time to let yourself enjoy more and truly surrender to what life wants to gift you.

You are a gift.
A gift of the heavens.
Now let yourself be gifted your heaven right here in this time and space.

Wil je meer weten of persoonlijk met mij afstemmen of voel je dat Celeste voor jou is, stuur mij dan een bericht en ik neem contact met je op.

Celeste: Hot Lava Stone Feminine Star Being met labradorite ogen: €333,- incl. btw.
Afmeting: 8,4 cm x 10 cm x 10,5 cm.
Gewicht: 1 kilo

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