Star being: Angel

Stop censuring yourself and your true desires without consciously knowing you minimalize your desires before you put them in words. As if there is only a small part of you that is worthy of feeling them and than you project yourself from truly feeling worthy of it all.

You are worthy now. Stop waiting for all the starts to align. Life will always come in between and that’s ok. There is no perfect timing. You are the best timing of your life. 

I am here to connect the dots. I connect your heart with your healed masculine and feminine energy. To help you stop hiding, torning your desires down and giving you the strength to take the steps you already feel.

You know and i will be your ever present reminder and soft, gentle, cheerleader. My energy is calm, clear and warm. I will help you build the bridges between were you are know and your true desires. 

Your know your life wants you to be present and start taking action in the right direction. You won’t lose anything when you start building your dreams. There is no price to pay for true love and hapiness. 

You just have to say yes and step forward.

Let me help you soften your nervous system. Really letting the ease and flow in and creating the safe space to trust this. So you can truly lean in and take up all the space you want and need. 

Hold me close and just breathe.

Wil je meer weten of persoonlijk met mij afstemmen of voel je dat Angel voor jou is, stuur mij dan een bericht en ik neem contact met je op.

Angel: Gele Jade Star Being met Lepidoliet ogen: €377,- incl. btw.
Afmeting: 8,4 cm x 10 cm x 10,5 cm.
Gewicht: 1,25 kilo.

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Liefs Kelly